”With a healthy profit margin, we shall focus on being our customer’s best supplier

About JIT Mech

At JIT Mech, you will be met by competent and dedicated employees who, in combination with our high level of technology, will be able to solve your production problems.

We aim to provide a consistently high level of quality, produce zero defects and ensure that our deliveries are always on time.

If you need help, our experienced production technicians are only happy to assist with your development projects.

The company currently has approximately 45 employees, the majority of whom work in production.

JIT Mech’s business operations are at present set up for component manufacturing in two main areas:

  • Machine processing
  • Welding

Vision and plans for the future

Our vision is to:

  • Be a profitable company that focuses on quality, efficiency and sustainability.
  • Be an attractive and secure place to work with dedicated and satisfied employees who take full responsibility for their work.
  • Be a supplier perceived as innovative and a leader in our niche.