”As a supplier, we shall constantly strive to improve”


We are certified in accordance with:

The maintenance of a consistently high level of quality is very important for us so that our customers can always expect products that meet their specified quality requirements.

We are constantly working to develop our production quality, and how to control and ensure this by:

  • succeeding on the first attempt
  • continuous improvements
  • involving all employees in the quality work
  • working with preventive and corrective measures
  • being responsive to our customers’ feedback and requirements, and
  • working in collaboration with our customers to develop designs and drawings.


We are certified in accordance with ISO 14000. In our day to day work, we strive to:

  • maximize materials and machine utilization
  • coordinate transportation
  • implement energy-saving measures
  • ensure the safe disposal of cutting fluids and emulsions
  • not traveling by air more than necessary, and making use of more eco-friendly travel options.

Occupational health and safety

Our employees’ occupational health and safety is a primary consideration. Continuous workplace audits and incident reports form a natural part of our work.