Machine processing

We have invested in modern machinery so that we are better equipped to face the future. Over the past few years, we have invested in two FMS installations.

Multi-operation turning

CNC-controlled, multi-operational turning of work objects with a diameter of up to 550 mm and a maximum length of 2,000 mm. Our machine park includes both traditional twin spindle machines and multi-function lathes. If necessary, we also offer centreless grinding.

Multi-operation milling

We carry out multi-functional machining where we use horizontal multi-operational machines with a processing geometry that can accommodate a cylinder size of 1,450 mm x 1,450 mm and a maximum piece weight of 2 tonnes. The machines are series connected in FMS installations.

For bed milling, we can handle work objects within a work area of 2,000 x 800 x 800 and a maximum piece weight of 3 tonnes.

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